Waypoint Touch

WayPoint Touch provides hospitals, shopping centres, universities, and office buildings with a user friendly, touch-based interactive wayfinding application for people visiting their sites.
An intuitive user interface allows visitors find a route map to their destination, and take a print out with them.
The WayPoint Touch web based management system allows clients manage their kiosks and modify names and directions for each location.

Elements of a Wayfinding Project

  • Custom Built Location Map

The layout and design of each building is unique. Therefore each wayfinding solution involves developing a digital map of the site with animated routes to each destination. Touchpoint provide design and build services for all projects and link this into the backend management software.

  • WayPoint Touch Management Software

Content Management System: This web based application allows clients to manage non-design elements of their kiosk content.

Remote Management System: This web based tool allows clients to manage their kiosks, whether they have a network of 1 or 100, from a central computer anywhere




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Touch Screen

Touch Screen

Our touchscreen solutions enhance people's experiences of brands, organisations, and locations.

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Case Studies

Q House Digital Wayfinding Solution

Q House, one of the most sustainable and innovative office buildings in Dublin, used our wayfinding software to provide visitors with directions and printouts.

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North Middlesex University Hospital Digital Wayfinding Kiosks

North Middlesex University Hospital wayfinding kiosks helps visitors find their destination in the hospital grounds and provides a print out to aid them on their way. Powered by the Waypoint Touch software.

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